The Teacher’s Guide to NLP eBook


Teachers Guide to NLP – written from my passion to get NLP into classrooms and lecture halls.



I’ve worked with teachers and pupils alike, with some amazing results. I took one pupil from the ‘naughty boy’ status to getting his ‘green card’ in just a few session. I also helped him take away his phobia of heights.

This isn’t rocket science, yet there is a science to how the brain works, and if you understand the basic principles, you can take control of your learning environment with so much grace and enjoyment than ever before.

A recommended book for using NLP in the classroom – or any learning environment. Teachers or Lecturers who have a passion for delivering information will love this easy to use handbook; an exceptional guide to getting your messages across – in all situations!

“NLP should be on the curriculum for teacher training. This is a ‘must have’ book for all teachers. There is invaluable information to help improve your teaching and really useful techniques to get the most out of your students.”
Catherine Sprackling, Ex-Head of French, Brighton College Preparatory School (now mother).

“Terry has created an NLP book on teaching that takes the reader further than previous books I have read on the subject. This book is a practical human centered and flowing journey through the different facets of being a successful teacher.”
Glen McPheat, Head of Specialised Mind Training, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham.


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