Knowing NLP – The Real Understanding Of It eBook




This e-book is my offering to the NLP World of what I have uncovered and understood about NLP, which you won’t hear about on most training’s or read in other NLP books.

If you are still new to NLP, this will give you the basic outline of what NLP is and what the techniques are, yet it will also go to the ‘back end’ and show you WHY these techniques work.

I see it a little bit like Penn and Teller where they open up and ‘bust’ the magic tricks to show us how they really work.

Some of you will be amazed to see that Matching and Mirroring does not work the way it is taught generally.  Or that almost 90% of any change has been orchestrated way before a practitioner starts using a technique.

Saying that, all the techniques of NLP are covered and how to use them efficiently, plus I’ve included Time Based Techniques in this book as well.

I wrote Knowing NLP – the real understanding of it, because I wanted a book I could recommend to anyone, whether they were experienced or not.


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