365 Ways to do Your Life’s Work eBook


This e-book book comprises 365 tasks – one for every day of the year, to get your mind into life and change old patterns.

If you were to perform each task to it’s letter, you would become successful without lifting a finger to do any self-development course or personal coaching.



The e-book 365 ways, is a culmination of Terry Elston and Benjamin Bonetti getting together and sharing with you tasks for the day that really work. I perform these tasks daily myself and would accredit a lot of my success to these practises.

You can buy X & Y programs where motivated success gurus share with you the “7 secrets to success”, yet what these people did to get their success is nothing to do with 12 steps or 15 ways, it’s about how you manage your life and your mind day to day. 365 Ways To Do Your Life’s Work does just that. A motivating book of tips to boost every day into the pinnacle of achieving! 365 ways gives you a daily inspiring tip to focus your attention on success and out of any other thinking that may try and hijack your day. A simple approach that you can use on the train, bus, plane or as a present to someone who you know wants their life to work out for the best!

For those times when a message for the day, to give focus and direction is needed, this book offers one everyday, 365 Ways is very inspirational and has tremendous motivational messages, each to think through your day. What I loved about 365 Ways To Do Your Life’s Work is it made me consider each day newly. Love it.

Juliana Metre, Brighton

Here’s some excerpts:

Sometimes it works to listen to incredibly loud music that you love. Find time today to listen to loud music with the intention of energising and exhilarating your brain – like having a brainwash and clearing the head from the noise of life!

Love yourself in many journeys of life. Today and into the future, prepare well for any journey you are taking; if it’s via aeroplane, take the snacks you love; if it’s by car, have you recorded great music to listen to. Wherever you go, take care of yourself in a way that you’ll love to receive when you are on the journey.

Take control of your life and your habits by not letting your day’s habits tell you what to do. Check out when you turn the TV on is the right time for your life. Does your stomach dictate when YOU eat? Start today to take control by taking at least ten seconds before you turn the TV on or start to cook a meal and ask if that’s the most important thing to do?

Finish up DIY tasks – Start today by getting all unfinished household DIY tasks either completed or appointments made by trades people. Just by completing this simple task alone, you will increase the appreciation and perception of your time at home. 

First thing in the morning is so important. If you can’t do the longer morning start ups we have given you, do this smaller version. Starting today, first thing on waking, say out loud your wish/desire for the day. Make it positive and real! 

Cleaning out the cobwebs can be as much a physical entertainment as a mental one. Something as simple as taking a conscious walk can move mountains of ‘stuff’. Starting today, make a note to take a 10 minute conscious walk if you are ever stuck with something. From the moment you leave your front door, intend that something will shift from taking this walk. Walk in silence if possible and keep your mind as clear as is possible.

Copyright Terry Elston & Benjamin Bonetti 2010


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