Terry Elston is an author, motivational speaker, and transformational trainer. He has worked with Government, blue chip corporations, teachers, schools, and individuals around the world. His live trainings stretch out to India, South Africa, USA, Norway, Sweden, Vietnam, Spain and, of course, the UK.

Terry’s philosophy on life is that we are all incredible highly energised beings that have got lost in the past tense. Chained by habit and trapped in our own story/vocabulary of life. We were given the secrets of the universe by the ancients and are still trying to work our way out of the ‘big bang’ of our brain chakra growing exponentially in relation to our ability to harness it.

“Being in the present tense gives us an idea of how to ride this amazing ‘mind horse’ that has perplexed us throughout our short stay on this planet. We are just learning how to hold the reins at this point in time….”

The Now State is a journey through time, to find out why and how we came to be stuck in either the past or the future; to unravel the puzzle of life and come into the present tense, home.

Throughout the ions of time, mankind has had to battle the darkness of ignorance; to try and find freedom from the self-persecution of destruction from this lack of knowledge.  Knowledge about ourselves, and the world around us.

Yet, that’s what we all do. We thrive on the unthinkable tasks and succeed. We take seemingly impossible situations of which we know little or nothing about, solve them and find freedom. Underneath our lack of understanding and knowledge, there is an in-built portal to elevate each one of us to another level of being and doing that transcends the one before: A Russian Doll system of enlightenment. That portal is the present tense, The Now State. The Now State is a place where problems can be elevated, facts (and not perceptions of facts) are present, where the playground of direct knowledge and power begins.

‘For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity.’  – C.S. Lewis

For the most part, the search for empowerment has been a material one, much like finding the physical Holy Grail. Or perhaps a physical arc. Yet, we have not found it, and will not find salvation from hunting down trophies born out of physical desire. The Holy Grail and the arc are both internal and eternal. They live in the present tense. When nations fight for a place called Jerusalem, do they realise that Jerusalem was always a place of being, one of internal freedom?

The Now State gives us the philosophy and then the practical application of how to be in The Now.